Langara is a full-service construction management company focused on delivering quality high-rise residential housing developments across the Greater Toronto Area.

Company Background

We understand the needs of developers today, because we are developers. We started Langara Construction because we saw an opportunity to create a distinctive service offering, anchored on the principles of transparency, accountability, integrity, and efficiency.

At Langara, we understand that each development has its own unique requirements, and we collaborate with our clients to deliver solutions tailored to the needs of each project we take on. We aim to deliver a seamless and efficient experience, from the earliest stages of pre-construction planning, throughout the entire construction and post-construction process.

Unlike many construction managers, our team will participate in the design and development stage of your project, providing us with an intimate understanding of your vision and distinct needs, from day one.

Our team is comprised of industry professionals with extensive experience working with some of Canada’s leading construction management companies, spanning major civil, residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.

Along with thoughtful planning and rigorous project management, we leverage innovative materials and technologies, along with sustainable building practices, to deliver projects that enrich the unique fabric of each community we are a part of.

Health and Safety

Langara prides itself on the highest level of health and safety protocols and site procedures for the health of our employees, clients, and contractor partnerships. We make it our priority to educate our employees and clients on the need for exceptional safety management. It is our directive that all employees arrive at work and return safely each day.

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